New Explorers

(13 months – 2 years)

These classes are a perfect introduction to Toddler Sense alongside other toddlers of a similar age and stage of development.

Discovering the world, one tiny step at a time, whether walking, cruising with support or crawling, this class will support your little one’s needs and give them the space and opportunity to explore the safe environment, play equipment and sensory resources on offer each week.


(2 years – 4 years)

Designed especially for the older toddlers and pre-schoolers, children can explore and be lively without concern for younger / less mobile children.

Children are able to take risks, make choices during free-flow adventure play time, develop important social skills, listen to and follow simple instructions as well as our unique session routine with growing confidence and independence.


(13 months – 4 years)

A wonderful combination of different ages and stages, these sessions offer variety and flexibility as they can be adapted to reach the needs of all children.

They offer the chance for little ones to connect, bond and grow with older and/or younger toddlers than themselves and is the ideal class to enjoy with friends, cousins or siblings of mixed ages.